Tower1, a 10X Capital Company

An Institutional Approach to Residential Real Estate

Tower1 leverages advances & investments in Technology, Data & AI to help institutional investors participate in hard-to-access, high growth opportunities in the evolving US residential real estate market, including: 

Single Family Rental Homes

Transitional Renovation Financing

Permanent Investor Financing

Investing through the real estate lifecycle

As an innovative alternative asset manager, Tower1 looks for proprietary and unconventional channels to source real estate and credit opportunities. Through our vertically integrated Platform, we are able to finance residential real estate from construction through permanent financing, with further income opportunities through SFR management.

Residential Real Estate Strategies

The Tower1 Platform connects adjacent real estate strategies, with a primary focus on investor-driven residential credit and single family rental homes, to provide unique solutions for our partners and drive returns for our investors.  

Transitional Renovation Financing 

Residential Transitional Loan programs finance the purchase, renovation, and construction of aging house stock. Tower1 gives institutional investors nationwide access to loans originated by top private lenders, who finance experienced local real estate developers. 

Single Family Rental

Permanent Investor Financing

Existing barriers to home ownership are deepening dramatically. With the U.S. market under-built by  ~4.5 million housing units, demand is overwhelming supply, creating attractive real returns for investors. Tower1 increases institutional access to this asset class through multiple channels.

Tower1 finances lenders who originate DSCR loans for single family home landlords to acquire and manage renovated residential real estate nationwide, and brings institutional capital to these local investors via fund and securitization structures, as well as whole loan sales.

The Tower1  Institutional Advantage

Preferred Access

Our history as a reliable counterparty makes Tower1 a preferred counterparty for best-in-class originators nationwide.

Technology Foundation

Tower1 utilizes a proprietary data platform and industry-leading technology to enable a rigorous, efficient and scalable investment process intended to drive better portfolio outcomes.

Vertically Integrated Collateral Protection

Our cross-collateralized credit line program, combined with Tower1's ability to manage rental properties, enhances our ability to generate favorable loan performance.


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